Czechoslovak Legion in the Allied Armies

Our compatriots supported the Czechoslovak resistance not only morally
and financially (e.g. the American Czech National Association, the Slovak League), but a large number of them also fought in the armies of the Agreement.

From the USA, Czech and Slovak volunteers left for France, where almost 3,000 of them joined the 21st, 22nd, and especially the 23rd Czechoslovak Rifle Regiment.

In Canada, the 223rd Czech Canadian Battalion was formed from our countrymen and sent to the Western Front in the summer of 1917. The commander of this Czech-Canadian unit was František Klepal.

In addition to these troops, another 40,000 of our countrymen fought in France in 1918 in General Pershing's American Expeditionary Force. However, they did not form separate military units according to nationality.

Czechs and Slovaks served sporadically in the other Allied armies - Belgian, Romanian, Portuguese, Brazilian or Japanese.

In addition to the western front, our legionnaires met their compatriots from the armies of the Agreement in the east during the landing of American, French, English and Japanese troops in Vladivostok.

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