How to find information about descendants of legionnaires?

 We offer you an extended version of the search with a complete profile of your ancestor. Thanks to the extensive archive of details and particulars, it is possible to trace a lot of detailed situations that will surprise you. 

Research activities with the creation of more than a century of family tree

by Colonel MVDr. Milan Žuffa-Kunč
We can:
  • Reach out to parents, grandparents and living great-grandparents to get family information on your ancestors back to 1914-1918
  • When researching, save historical family photographs - with descriptions of the individuals in them
  • To get information about which of the family men joined the Great War and subsequently the Czechoslovak Legion
  • All the information about the wanted legionnaires will be supplied by the Museum of the Czechoslovak Legions
  • We can also write a military biography of a family legionnaire from 1914 - 1920 by arrangement

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