Discover the legacy of the Czechoslovak Legionaries

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About the Museum

How it started

The unique Museum of the Czechoslovak Legions was the result of many years of research by Colonel Milan Žuffa-Kunč.

In almost thirty years of his work, he has interviewed countless memorials and still living legionnaires. They have revealed their war stories to him, and often presented him with authentic weapons, uniforms and other artifacts of the time. 

Come and see the unique story of our history in our Olomouc exhibition. 

The Story of the Czechoslovak Legions

Do you know their story?

You will read some fascinating stories from the war life of our legionnaires on the fronts in France, Russia, Italy and other countries. Did you know that our Legionnaires also rescued war orphans? 

Finding the Legionnaires

We can help you find information about your ancestors

Thanks to decades of experience and accumulated knowledge, Colonel MVDr. Milan Žuffo-Kunča can create a complete and comprehensive profile of your ancestors among the Legionnaires.

Visitors about the museum

Information for schools

The museum offers unique and inspiring guided lectures with examples of interesting period artefacts.
 Immerse your class in the First World War. 

Please contact us to arrange a visit to your school. 


Milan Žuffa-Kunčo


We would like to address you, pupils and students, with a request for cooperation in the preparation of commemorative celebrations, exhibitions and conferences held in 2020 to commemorate the centenary of the return of the Czechoslovak Legions from Russia to their homeland. Czechoslovak Legions 1914-1920, which is part of the project.

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